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Window Cleaning in Northville MI​

Northville is a great city, and you don't need us to tell you that. You get to enjoy one-of-a-kind views while weaving up and around the trails of Maybury State Park. Finding the perfect spot to have a seat and enjoy snacks is easy behind the rolling woods, plus you have your pick of indoor shopping malls and other local shops. For a night on the town, you have plenty of options where you can dine and find plenty of entertainment. What you don't seem to have is enough time to enjoy all that Northville has to offer.


As a Northville homeowner playing the balancing act between multiple jobs and family obligations, stress has now probably become a part of your everyday life that you struggle to have a time for life. These days, it is now common for our customers to get busier than ever, taking on more and more commitments with each passing month. As a result, staying on top of their weekend cleaning routine while scheduling in plenty of pockets of 'me time' has now become a challenge.

Window cleaning can often be one of the last things on the mind of a busy person due to time constraints, and as a result, the windows are often neglected. After all, dusty, grimy windows add to the burden of an already overworked person's life, and window cleaning must be done at some point. Our customers in Northville realize that having a well-organized schedule and hiring the right window cleaning company will help them save time and money while still maintaining a fresh window. Thus, they have made the right choice by working with us to help them unload their busy work and social schedules.

There's plenty of reasons to have your windows professionally cleaned, but which company you choose makes all the difference. When our customers choose to work with our Diamond Shine team, our services let them better manage their time and enjoy what they love. After all, we believe your social life shouldn't be left behind because you have to stress over your windows. If we take over this challenging cleaning task, you will have more time all of a sudden that you may not even know what to do. However, we have a suggestion for you - take some time and enjoy all Northville has to offer!

Why Use Our Window Washing, Gutter Cleaning & Power Washing & Services

With ample experience in the window washing industry, our team is equipped with the finest supplies to make your windows look as good as new after every session. Whether your windows need a quick spruce-up for additional impression or a pressure washing to get rid of the build-up, we have a variety of cleaning services made to cater to your requests and specifications.

A shiny window is amongst the best things you can provide your home. While window cleaning services have always been viewed as a luxury service for wealthy homeowners, we're taking the first step toward our mission of providing cleaning services to everyone by offering a 10% discount on window cleaning and house washing combo. Our team guarantees to provide nothing short of an exceptional level of cleanliness to your windows without costing you a fortune.

Previous customers have expressed their delight with the window cleaning services we offer. Their feedback and experiences all had one thing in common: kind and fantastic customer service and excellent satisfaction records with the way their windows looked after the service. Take a few seconds to read through one of our testimonials, and you'll see just how thorough and efficient all of our incredible team members are.

"Excellent service and dependability! Very personable too!"

We're passionate and mindful about ensuring the satisfaction of our customers. Turn to the most reliable name to ensure high-quality window cleaning, sparkling and exceptional customer care. Turn to Diamond Shine. If ever your windows are caught in the rain after getting them washed, have no fear. With our seven-day guarantee, rest assured that you will get your window cleaning service you bought duplicated – more reason why we stand better apart. After all, we believe you deserve more than clean windows.

Our team at Diamond Shine is ready to tackle the toughest cleaning jobs all across the Michigan area. Whether you live in Northville or the surrounding area, we're right around the corner and ready to help! There's so much to explore in the city that it's a shame you're wasting hours DIY-ing your windows instead of making the most of your weekend. Whatever your idea of fun you choose this weekend, with Diamond Shine, you can feel confident that your windows are squeaky clean, letting you get back to enjoying life in Northville! Get started today!

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