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Window Cleaning in Birmingham MI


Whether you're a fine art aficionado or a food enthusiast who wants to get your palate satisfied, you couldn't ask for a better place to live than Birmingham. With all the city offers, you certainly don't have a shortage of options, but you may have a shortage of time. Of course, your busy lifestyle must be holding you back from embracing your lovely hometown.


Whatever you'd rather be doing than stressing over your dusty windows and clogged gutters, from family dine-in at your favorite restaurant to a short visit at the Cranbrook Art Museum, our team at Diamond Shine has you covered. Letting us handle the dirty work will let you stick to your weekend plans and get the maximum benefit from those two days off instead of spending your time DIY-ing your windows.

The majority of our regulars in Birmingham are extremely busy people. One type of customer crams professional life and household duties to achieve the optimal work-life balance, likely to be left without any 'me' time at their hands. And then some are so busy they can barely find enough time to take their weekend cleaning routine as they are drowned in a sea of work and personal commitments.

When Birmingham homeowners seek our professional window cleaning services, it's usually when they've realized they haven't had enough time to keep their windows clean themselves. The personal and professional responsibilities keep them constantly on the hop, yet they do not want the streaky appearance of their windows to reflect their way of life. At the end of the busy workday, they want to come home with clean and well-maintained windows while staying on top of their jam-packed schedule.

As large houses are typical in the city's neighborhood, there would be more large-scale windows requiring frequent maintenance. With the fast-paced world, most homeowners in the city are left with little to no time to complete this task, and that's when they have decided to put their trust in our team of professionally trained window cleaners to tackle their serious windows maintenance needs.

Why Use Our Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning & Power Washing & Services

Our Diamond Shine team makes every effort possible to provide our neighbors in Birmingham with a comprehensive cleaning solution for their windows, gutter, and exterior. We combine customized service fit to their needs with exceptional customer service to provide a Diamond Shine experience that will leave them nothing short of satisfied. We guarantee every homeowner a shiny window and healthy exterior above any other houses in Birmingham.

Besides holding ourselves to the highest standards, we also ensure that every homeowner gets the best value for their money by offering our Birmingham customers a 10% discount on window cleaning and house washing combo. Rest assured that they can prosper financially while still being granted the luxury of getting their windows brighter than a day.

Weekend plans are now possible to fit into a busy life with Diamond Shine! Now's the time to hear your voice which is silenced by the cries of everyday chores. If you live in Birmingham or the surrounding area, our team is standing by and ready to kick the dull and foggy days away. We are committed to standing behind our work and the results we get for you. With our seven-day rain guarantee, if you aren't happy with the windows that the rain spoiled, then neither are we. We promise to get back to you and bring your windows back to life. It's the little extras that make a difference in our customers' minds and windows, like Lynn M:

"Diamond Shine did an excellent job! Very professional and friendly. Service was impeccable!"

We love what we do, and it shows. We hope you can see that in the results you get, from the sparkling windows to the sparkling smile on our faces. If you have been looking for a professional window cleaning company to get your windows shimmering, you can stop searching now and begin to spend your newly-found time doing what you love doing. Get in touch with us soon!

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