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Post-Construction Window Cleaning

Post construction window cleaning

Post-construction window cleaning is essential for Ferndale projects. Even outside Detroit in Ferndale, the state of Michigan as a whole is known for its car industry. And when those cars roll off the lot, are they sent as is to dealerships and propped up on pedestals with grease stains and no buff?

Certainly not. New cars are polished, cleaned, and put on lots with the best possible presentation. So why shouldn't post-construction projects do the same?

We at Diamond Shine want to give you the best possible presentation. Construction projects can't be considered complete until the windows are clean and brought to the same high standard as the rest of the house. What better way to meet that standard than with the flagship cleaning service in southeast Michigan?

New Construction Exterior Glass Washing

Diamond Shine offers several services. One of which is post-construction window cleaning. Whether post-construction projects are meant to be sold, lived in, or presented in any which way, they ought to be cleaned. Diamond Shine can prepare any exterior post-construction project with care by utilizing techniques and technology to improve window cleanliness.

Our window cleaning for Ferndale is:

  • Quick and easy
  • Affordable
  • Damage-free

Many construction projects rely on what people see, and the first thing people will see is the exterior. Your job is done. Our job is just getting started, and that is to put the finishing touches on your hard work. We make the windows shine and put the period down at the end of a project that's taken time and sweat to finish.

To schedule a post-construction window cleaning in Ferndale, call Diamond Shine.

Maximize Your End Product

It's all about making a product the best it can be. Cars, buildings, it's all about how they're presented. Let us help you maximize your end product. Give it the best possible treatment and move forward knowing you did all you can with Diamond Shine's commercial window cleaning services.

Our talented teams of cleaners are eager to assist you in maximizing your product, be it a new home, new business building, or any other new construction project. If it has windows, we're the ones to clean them.

Diamond Shine adds polish to an already completed work. When your job is done, ours is just getting started. Let us put the finishing touches on your post-construction project windows and you will see the results that people will notice.


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